Walnut cream is one of the typical condiments of Ligurian cuisine, produced with carefully chosen and carefully prepared ingredients, ready to season the stuffed pasta.
Nuts 30%, Cashews, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P. cheese (milk, salt, rennet), Salt.

Il prodotto può contenere altra frutta a guscio e proteine dell’uovo..

The product does not contain genetically modified organisms or ingredients produced by genetically modified organisms in accordance with the directive Reg. CE 1830/2003.

Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. Do not store less than -10°C and more than + 30°C.
Tecnical sheet
Target weight 212/106 ml.
Net weight 180/90 g.
Glass jars per box 15/30 n.
Layered boxes per pallet Eur. 10/14 n.
Layers of Cardboard per Pallet 9 n.
Total boxes per pallet 90/126 n.